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Hello everyone, it's been a while since I've last posted and I'm going to be honest with you here, it's because I've been a traitor to blogger - yes, I have a wordpress! As part of my college course I need to run a wordpress blog (don't ask me why it couldn't be a blogger or a tumblr!) and for the past month or two that's been my main focus. Well, I had a new project to tell you about, because, well, I need to tell someone.
Last year I began writing a book, at 17 and feeling quite a bit of teenage angst I needed someway of venting out my feelings without the cliché of a diary, so I began writing a book that in some ways portrays my feelings of the time. A year on, I'm returning to this text I wrote and drawing inspiration for a new project; Carnage.

Whilst I'm keeping things quite private so far in terms of meanings and concepts behind the photographic work, what I can say is that the pieces I hope to create with it are a reflection of the predominance of drugs, particularly amphetamines, within teenage development and primarily the negative effect its having on youth culture at the moment including depression a disconnection from normality.
I want these pieces to represent the fall of my ideals, and the crushing of my naivety. I want the photograph to explain how the idea of a party was has been transformed from a bottle of £2.99 strongbow cider and feeling shocked when your mate showed up with Vodka, or even a bit of cannabis, to fourteen year olds popping pills left, right and centre.
Where the guards at festivals no longer have to worry about cannabis being smuggled in, no they'll smell that, and alcohol - they'll hear the glass or smell the liquid in the bottle, but things like 'Mkat' and dirty counterfeit MDMA pills (not that I'd recommend legitimate MDMA anyway) containing the much more dangerous PMA, or ketamine can be easily hidden - that's why they're so desirable in young people at the moment.
The reason I've given the example of a festival, i.e my experience at Leeds this year!, is because I believe it acts as a microcosm for a much wider drug problem that affects, not only festivals year upon year or rough estates, but everywhere around you; the war on drugs hasn't worked, and I want to show that.

What do I want to do?

I want to portray the moments where the danger of it all becomes too real, by taking you, the lens, with me on a journey through the current situation of the party and social scene in young people. Through using methods such as double exposure and long exposures, as well as more investigative looking shots, I hope to capture some really interesting pieces. Think dark, ominous, but loud, vibrant and full of colour. Confusing and Meaningful at the same time. Bizarre yet full of concept, full of voice and truth.


First attempt at Double exposure:

Are you going to be having fun this Christmas?

The photograph through my eyes: how I did it, what it means and why.

For this, I mixed flour and salt, shaped them into 'lines' in the shape of fun in front of a Coca-Cola sign. If you look at the sign, you'll notice how it mentions the 'lifting' effects of the drink, found this would be a good matching for the Cocaine mimicking concoction on the table, in how the first/original Coca-Cola contained small amounts of cocaine, and because there's cocaine on the table.
This was a quick, initial practise for a double exposure theme that I could potentially take quite far...

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