Chester Zoo: Belated Birthday


As a a belated birthday present I went to Chester Zoo. To add to the adventure, my boyfriend and I went by train. The weather was cold, grey and dismal; just the way we like it. Despite it being listed as peak season in the park, Chester Zoo had little more than a steady, controlled amount of visitors on the day we visited, meaning we could see what we wanted to when we wanted too.

My main goal was to see the Capybara's and found myself quite disappointed to find out the little, well, big, rodent's weren't there!
Still, I had come to enjoy the day and there was plenty of other animals around to see. The giraffes were quite entertaining. I made a scenario in my head whereby the two smaller giraffes outside the shelter door were club bouncers because they kept guarding the door and veering one particular giraffe away from the entrance; refusing him entry. It was quite funny really, but the way I worded it there makes me feel sorry for the left out giraffe.

Some flamingos!

OOOOOO, a giraffe!

As well as visiting the Giraffes, Elephants and Lions, I wanted to pay attention to animals that people don't really go to a zoo to see, like the Phillipine deer, they were so cute, and they really have the most adorable markings! and these red and blue partridges. It's nice that there's still interesting things beyond the lions, cheetahs, elephants and giraffes.

The cheetahs really weren't up for entertaining, but the black bear on the other hand was very active. I particularly liked the bear exhibit as I thought i was nicely built, with water features and trees in abundance it resembles the bears habitat quite well.

The Aquarium

The aquarium, whilst it only consisted of a few rows of tanks, was spectacular if you looked past the lack of decor. The fish itself were enough to satisfy, their colours illuminating the room in a whirlwind of pinks, blues, violets and tropical palettes.

Giant Otter

Saying that, the Giant Otter's really were quite something. We arrived at their home just after they'd  been fed and were greeted with heavy footed Labrador-like creatures bounding about the place. It was so funny as they looked like puppies whose paws were too big for them. Their tails were quite odd too; long, hard and heavy. Watching these huge south-american carnivorous mammals run and prance about as if they were children on a school playground was quite spectacular though.
That's all for now, hope to update you with more adventures soon!
Beth x

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