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Last year it was shoes that were my obsession; this year it's bags. With a store focus on Today I'm Me, a London Based handbag company that appeal to me through their inclusive of retro trends, e.g 60's 'Pop art' inspired (by the looks of them), striking patterns coupled with 'pop' colours make these handbag collections to die for.

*NEW* Illusion Tote: £50 (currently available for pre-order)

Illusion tote; 

I absolutely love the look of this bag. Not only is it simple with its monochrome colour scheme but its also very 'out there' with an almost trippy, optically-distorted look to it, I like the way it'd make me stand out, whilst still providing practicalities; which being a student is what I really want from a bag.

Monochrome Me Tote Bag

Monochrome Me Tote Bag: £55
MONOCHROME! - It makes me happy, and that's no less the case when I look at this bag. Featuring a four-stud base (which would be perfect for when I'm sat outside coffee shops, or needing to wait for a bus or train), this tote looks the ideal size for me. I want it.

Illusion Clutch: £38 (currently available for pre-order)

Illusion Clutch;

Again, in keeping with my love for monochrome is the third item on my TodayImMe wishlist, the Illusion clutch.
What I like about this is it's a compact version of the tote; bringing the optical-illusion look into a more night-time scenario (or just a smaller bag) .

Evening Clutch/Luxury Make Up Bag: £25

Evening Clutch/Luxury Make Up Bag;

What I like about the look of this make up bag, which in all honesty is what I'd use it as; just as it looks  little too bulky to be a clutch for me, is the simple yet effective use of geometry. Minimal yet striking, I just think it'd be a really complimentary piece to sit on top of my drawers/dresser or to take on mini-breaks. Or, who knows, possibly a night out.

Colour Me Purple Slim line Clutch: £30

Colour Me Purple Slim Line Clutch;

I absolutely adore the 60's 'pop art' feel to this clutch. Priced at  £30 this clutch and it's insane 3D design also doubles up as a small across-body bag. Personally, I preferred the look of the purple but colours range from vibrant yellows and vivid orange to neon and more. For me, this bag is more of a safe option; I want to make a statement, but I don't want to stand out too much. I'm the sort of person, whilst I like to wear nice clothes etc, I much prefer more understated pieces and this clutch carries the same 3D graphic feel whilst the royal purple upholds a subtle elegance.

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