September Update: What I'm loving, loathing, fresh starts and more!


Anatomicals Face Mask Packet: £3
Anatomicals Face Mask single: £1
Sud the lot of you body cleanser: £3
Smoother butts love coconuts body lotion: £3.99
Anatomicals Products:
I'm absolutely in love with these products. They just brighten up my bathroom; they smell beautiful - a range of tropical notes and infused with a feel-good factor these products have certainly brightened up my month so far.

As far as face masks go these ones are much less viscous than a lot of other face masks i've used. Feeling more like a moisturiser than a face mask (not necessarily a bad thing) - I find after leaving it on for 15 minutes and dabbing away with warm water and a flannel is far more effective, for my skin personally, than using other, more widely available face masks.
Retailing at £3, you can grab yourselves a pack of four face masks from Anatomicals from retailers such as Urban Outfitters.
The 'sud the lot of you' get lost grime body cleanser is by far my favourite product at the moment. Enriched with wafts of mango, this fruity flavoured body wash is my go-to for day-today cleaning at and at £6.99, they offer quality and the occasional witty slogan all brought together by pops of bright colours - just what you want in the morning to refresh yourself.

Another thing I'm absolutely loving this month is Argan and all things argan-oily.  Products containing Argan oil have really hit the high street this season in terms of both skincare and haircare and also, on the same lines as Argan, Rimmel London even have an Argan oil mascara! 

Retailing at £13.99 Shada Souffle by Argan Secret can be purchased here.

Argan Secret

One product I absolutely adore at the moment is this hair mousse as its really helped to smooth out a lot of my dry, dead ends.
At £13.99, this product, whilst still strictly at a 'high-street' price, is at what I would consider an 
investment - it's not an amount of money you'd want to spend on something that simply isn't suitable. 
Thankfully, the Shada souffle is a very universal product and its very gender neutral colour scheme is reflective of how this flexible hold hair foam is useable by anyone. 

For me, it's made my dead ends a lot smoother and I notice that when I straighten and blow-dry my hair, there is little frizz since I've incorporated Argan Secret into my daily wash routine. I've also noticed my hair seems considerably brighter, with some of the credit being down to this 200ml beauty must-have!

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