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How to make the most out of your blog:

A blog should be personal; it should be an impression of you.

Update Regularly

One of my tips for making the most out of your blog and your time as a blogger is to update regularly. By this, I don't necessarily mean you should post updates every minute of every day, but by having a routine, whether it be daily, weekly, monthly; it doesn't matter, and sticking to a regular pattern is not only good for your own organisation but also helps readers engage more by offering them consistency within their blog reading.
Consequently, one of the worst things you can do as a blogger is have irregular spouts of unexplained inactivity. Doesn't that put you off reading a blog?
I'm guilt of this myself and I'm hoping that by writing this, it'll kick me into gear more as to have a more established routine.


Without trying to point out the obvious, communication in blogging is key. If there's one way you're going to better yourself as a blog writer, it's from others. Communication with other bloggers is crucial; they can help give you inspiration, hints & tricks. Your reader's are important too,and even the rest of the online community! A good way of communicating with others is through online engagement.


Engaging with other bloggers and their readers is not only a good way of presenting yourself to the world (friendly, approachable) but also great fun! If you like a photograph a blogger's taken; tell them. If a beauty blogger has got a particular shade of lipstick you own as well; spark a conversation! If a reader comments on your post, comment back; it's courteous and if they've made the effort to take time out of their day to comment on your work, why not reciprocate that?
I can't stress just how important it is to not only post to your blog, but be an active member within the blogging community; whether that's Facebook, Bloglovin, twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr or another platform, get yourself out there and get yourself heard. You've got a voice, an opinion and in the online world your presence is amplified, but only if you remember to plug the aux in!


Content is a very important aspect of your blog and I'm not going to sit here and keyboard warrior what you should write on your blog because noone else will know that and noone else can tell you what to write other than you. Even though blogging is very popular and a lot of people run their own blogs, I believe it's got to be a personal thing. As soon as your blog loses its personal touch, it's not your blog anymore, simply words on a page.
Therefore, the only advice I can give is to write about what your interested in, whether that's fashion, skincare, hair-dye...rabbits...rusty spoons. It doesn't matter! As long as it's you.
Another common misconception is that just because you run a certain type of blog, means you have to only blog about that type of things. No. I run a beauty blog and I talk nonsense about a lot of things; because it's' my blog and that's what your blog should be! If you want to write a lengthy post with pictures of what you had for dinner the night before because it was really good, then write about it: it's your blog.

Write for yourself:

The last advice I'll give is to blog for yourself. As easy as it is to drown in and amongst the PR communications, product reviews and statistics, and to dull yourself down to make things easier, to avoid becoming just another carbon copy blogger that's puppeted by sponsors and brands and the indulgence that receiving items for free brings, you must blog for yourself.
What do I mean by that?
I don't mean specifically blog only for your eyes. No. There's a whole world out there ready to view exactly what you post. What I mean is blog because you enjoy it, not because your too wound up about what to say about a company's product so you just put generic 'nice' talk about it. If you don't enjoy what you write about; don't write it. If you don't enjoy blogging; don't blog.

I hope what I said makes sense and it's not just utter nonsense!
Thanks, til next time.
Beth x

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