August Favourites


I can't believe august is over already and come tomorrow commitments like college start again and the care-free days of Summer are replaced by early morning skies and the screeching of alarm clocks. In all honesty, it feels like I've blinked and August has gone.
Despite the speed in which it has passed me, August has been a month full of excitement. From kick-starting my blog again, to finding myself in the depths of a riled-up Limp Bizkit crowd, August really has been my month.

Skin Salvation Moisturising Ointment 60ml: £12.99
Skin Salvation Bath & Body Oil 200ml: £12.99

I've clumped these two products together as one favourite because they really do go hand in hand. I use the Purepotions bath and body oil after showering and I find that this is a good top-up for oils required by the skin in order to be healthy. The moisturising ointment works a treat as well. I use this one in specific areas like on my back and the bottom of my feet, namely those that are affected by psoriasis; I find it stops that awful burning, itchy sensation associated with psoriasis sometimes. The ointment, which is thick and creamy in texture has a soothing, cooling effect which other specialist products haven't yet matched up to. Having such a nifty jar like this easily available to buy in stores and online, makes living with this skin condition that little bit easier.  
I got this body lotion as part of the Wonderstruck perfume gift set, however I have seen them being sold
as standalone products online, which is what I'm going to be purchasing as soon as this one runs out!

Not just an August favourite, but an all time favourite of mine is Taylor Swift Wonderstruck scented body lotion. Either I love this because I'm a huge Taylor Swift fan, or the sweet smell with subtle, fresh undertones is just truly amazing.

DENMAN Hairbrushes:Another favourite has got to be Denman's fantastic range of hairbrushes. I use these continually, and the scented one comes with me everywhere! I also had the Denman beech handle, 7 row coconut-scented brush which i adored, but sadly my dog Max mistook it for a toy and the hairbrush is no more. In addition to the scented brushes I also have the soft bristle paddle brush, which is perfect for when I come out of the bath/or the shower and need to smooth my hair down whilst blow-drying it. This brush  in particular glides so smoothly through hair without splitting up the individual hairs and causing them to be buffeted about by the hot air, preventing that horrible post-wash frizz. Quite simply, it just provides a good basis for styling.                                                     
W7 Butterkiss Lipstick in Candyfloss: reduced to £2.49 
Beech Handle 7 Row Coconut Scented Brush: £10.99
Tutti Frutti Blackberry Scented Brush: £13.54
Denman Paddle Brush Porcupine: £10.66
W7 Butterkiss Lipstick:
I absolutely love this lipstick and as a result its become part of my go-to daytime look. The smooth, balmy texture coupled with a pretty yet subtle shade pink, Candyfloss, is what makes this lipstick my favourite. I'm not a fan of wearing harsh and bright colours on my lips in summer, the warmer temperatures makes make-up staying-power decrease, so I like to stick with more toned-down colours on my lips, or none at all and this butterkiss lipstick really is light yet durable. 

Those are my favourites for this month, and I'm looking forward to what September brings as Summer draws to a close.

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