Monday Morning thoughts - Leeds Festival, Blog Ideas, Colouring books & More!


After the storm-filled weekend I'm grateful that this morning I woke to the sun's soft yellow rays creating warm line patterns on my back.
I've got a busy week ahead of me, and whilst it brings a whole host of emotions, excitement is definitely the dominating feeling here. Leed's festival is two days away and the realisation that I am in no way prepared for five grueling nights in a festival camp field is setting in. As unpredictable as the roll of a die, the good old British weather will either serve me with a great sunshine-filled festival experience, or just a very damp, muddy and unpleasant time. Nevertheless, come Wednesday (rain or shine) I'm still gonna be there smiling as I board the train.

This means I've got so much work to do for the blog in the next two days in order to make sure my blog remains as active as possible while I'm away, as well as having a basis of ideas to come back to. So, my only worry is, how am I going to make time?

Millie Marotta's animal Kingdom is the perfect method of beating writer's block; I simply colour until ideas form at their own pace. 
I've also got big ideas coming for my blog, involving a revamp as well as a more broad range of posts. I want to introduce you to more photography, more real-life experiences, vlogs and more of my dogs as well as bigger and better skincare and beauty tips. As well as this I'm hoping to branch out into different areas; recently a new passion of baking has arisen, as well as arts and crafts. On top of this, so many new doors and opportunities are being opened to me and I want to document it all here.
The next few days will bring for me a lot of time with felt tips, highlighters and mind maps - another great way for me to mark down my ideas is pinterest.

So, watch this space because Leeds festival is not only going to be amazing, it's also going to mark a point where blogging becomes more of a prominent part of my life.

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