14 Things to do before the end of 2014


Halloween is just around the corner, the 'C' (christmas) word is already being uttered far too frequently for my liking and it won't be long until we're all making our New Year's Resolutions, that, in reality last for days, if not hours. My thinking is that we're on the final leg of a rollercoaster of a ride that has been 2014, and why not make it worth while? Here are fourteen things that are on my list to do before the end of this year:

1) Go to the beach: There's something about a cold sea breeze in November that's particularly inspiring. This should be the time where you stray away from the cliches that a day at the beach should involve ice cream, bikinis and white, warm sand and start seeing beauty in the everyday. I personally want to visit either the stunning beaches in North Wales; places like Criccieth, Pwhelli and Harlech are really unique and beautiful,  even in winter. Or, to go back to my roots and visit Blackpool.

Yup. You read correctly. Blackpool. The town where you turn the corner of the promenade and you literally feel like someone's going to murder you. Nevertheless, I've been going there for years now, and one of my fondest memories is walking along the promenade, in hats & scarfs and about 100 layers of clothing in the most dismal of weather and watching the tide come in. The rough Irish sea is truly spectacular, and even looks beautiful when tainted by the reflections of the illuminations.

2)  Buy a really quirky and unique item: There's nothing like a bit of retail to set your spirits high. I personally prefer to buy something that I know not many other people would have, even if it's not conventional or looks a bit weird. Shops that I like in my area, Shrewsbury, are Urban Folk and The Cave, a website that I find brilliant for one-offs is Etsy.

3) Wake up early and watch the sunrise: With it being autumn/winter and all, the sun won't rise until about 8am, so why not set your alarm early, make yourself a cuppa tea and sit outside, or by your window if you don't have a garden, and watch the sunrise. I'd definitely recommend sitting outside, in a pair of slippers or warm boots and just concentrate on the crunching of the frosty leaves, the sun's piercing warmth against the cold, crispness of the October air. Watch your breath as you breath out near zero temperatures, and see the contrast between that and the steam off of your drink.

4) Go on an evening walk: The more of my blog you read, the more you'll notice my recurring theme of cups of teas. They are the bringer of happiness. So, my idea is grab a flask or thermomug and put your favourite tea in there, whether that's Earl Grey, English Breakfast, Green Tea or Fruit, or even supermarket's own are pretty good to be honest, and go on a walk. If you've got a dog, thwack a coat on him/her and take them with you. Walk alongside the river, or on a field...somewhere full of nature and life. Just take the time to focus on the beauty around you because it's there, if you really want to see it.

5) Have a movie day: This one's pretty self explanatory, but have a day where you eat snacks, have nice warm drinks and just watch movie after movie. Whether that's a series like Harry Potter, or a particular Genre, like a day of Rom-Coms, or just picking and choosing whatever takes you fancy on Netflix, just have a completely lazy day...I'm sure that college assignment or tidying up can wait.

6) Treat yourself to a candlelit/luxurious bath: A classic and relaxing pastime is, of course, the bathtub. Often forgotten about through the year due to the fast pace of work/school/home life. I want you, to stop, just for a second. No matter how hectic your schedule is make time. Time won't stop for you, so you've got to stop it. Place bath roses, or bath bombs in your bath and, if you're not terrified of candles like I am, then place a couple of nice scented ones around you bathroom, dim or switch of the light and read a book or just relax. Not only is it a warm way of getting clean, avoiding those horrible moments when half of you is under the shower head and the other half is turning to ice, but it's also time to think about yourself and put yourself first.

7) Have your favourite warm drink from Starbucks: Asides from tea of course, my favourite drink is the Pumpkin Spiced Latte. Whatever your preference is take a trip there, whether that's by yourself to read the paper or read a blog (pssst...mine) or with a friend or two, buy yourself a drink and a cake and just chill out.

8) Go on a shopping spree to a city:  It's got to be done. No matter what your budget, take a trip to somewhere like Manchester, Liverpool, London or Birmingham and buy yourself new stuff. Take a trip to an expensive designer store (I like going around the expensive make-up in Selfridges, as well as Ted Baker) and build up a picture of what you like, or buy if you're lucky enough to have the money, and then take a trip to more high street stores like Primark, River Island, Boots etc and buy whatever stands out to you.

9) Watch a TV series in its entirety: Recently, I've finished off watching Gossip Girl (I'd definitely recommend it if you haven't already seen it) and next I plan on watching House m.d. There's nothing like seeing the credits of the very last episode of a TV show that you've followed right from the start.

10) Take up a new hobby, or revisit your old ones: Hobbies and interests are essential for keeping us well minded, your mind can travel all sorts of places when you've got nothing to do and besides, doing something you have a keen interest is a lot of fun. For me, it's photography, but whether you like crocheting, d.i.y, painting, fashion or anything, just immerse yourself in it and I guarantee you'll get fulfillment from it.

11) Read a book by a new author, one that you haven't read before: Last year I loved reading Before I Go To Sleep by S.J Watson and at the moment I've got my sights set on If I stay by Gayle Forman. If you're one of those Author Loyal people, I know a lot of people that loved John Green's The Fault In Our Stars so much that another author just couldn't live up to it in their eyes. If you're like this, then why not read another by them, or if they've only had one, stick to a similar genre. Add some variation to your reading and I'm sure you'll feel the benefits. Books are the perfect way to, not only pass the time, but to unlock the imagination and the soul.

12) Do something spontaneous: This one speaks for itself, if you're having a day where you're really bored or you just don't know what to do, then do something completely different. It can be something as small as wearing a skirt instead of those jeans you're so comfortable wearing day in day out to randomly deciding to have a one night stay in a spa.

13) Forgive and Forget: Life's too short to be holding grudges against people, you don't want to be remembering 2014 as 'the year you didn't speak to X, because they did Y' you want to remember 2014 as the year when you made amends!

And lastly, have fun, again life's too short to feel down and be serious all the time so get out there and live life how you want it. Make these last two and a half months count for something...before we have to pretend we're going to complete a New Year's Resolution, because let's face it, they're overrated.

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  1. I love this list! Really unique ideas, rather than the usual cliché ones!


  2. I love your list because it's simple and the type of things people can realistically do - not like the ones that have jump out a plane or climb Everest on it!

    Have fun doing them! I'll definitely pop into Starbucks



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