The Graze Box Craze: What's it really worth?


For many months now, I've been handed coupons with voucher codes that allow me to obtain a Graze Box for free, and part of me has always been curious as to what a Graze Box actually is. For those of you who may not know, a graze box is a letter box sized parcel featuring healthy snacks. Operated by a subscription service, with the option of receiving boxes fortnightly, weekly or twice a week, the graze box has become quite a phenomenon in the US and now the UK too.

The box is quite small, so what I'm debating is whether it is actually worth the money.

 The Graze box is quite a unique and innovative idea when you think about it; nutritionally balanced snacks delivered straight to your door on a regular basis? Yes please. What isn't so appealing is the idea of value for money. As a few of you may be aware, I'm a huge freebie/bargain hunter; I love a good deal, and for me, the price tag of £3.99 doesn't seem worth it when you can purchase similar things from places such as Holland & Barrett, or even Asda and organise the portion size yourself for a slashed price tag. Nevertheless, the Graze box does hold a lot of appeal. I love the whole personalised process on the website, where you can choose which snacks you'd like to try, and those you wouldn't want to receive.
In my freebie graze box I received the new Lemon Curd Flapjacks with a yoghurt drizzle; the Brooklyn Bites, poppy seed pretzels, cheese cashews and roaste pumpkin seeds ; Mango Chutney with black pepper dippers as well as El Picante spicy chilli peanuts, paprika baguettes & jumbo corn.
My graze box featured a great selection of snacks, and for those calorie conscious minds, you'll be reassured to know that each snack is low calorie, and most importantly very tasty. One downside of the graze box is that the snacks do not last long, at all. I've had the box for less than 24hrs and I'm left with a small handful of pumpkin seeds, so in that respect, in order to benefit from the whole idea of a healthy snack-filled lifestyle, you'd have to purchase the graze box twice a week, and that sets you back £7.98. That's £31.92. The true cost of the Graze Box is really starting to add up, and in today's economy you've got to weigh up whether it's actually worth it, or whether you'd simply want to take control of your own snacking and portion control yourself. Another aspect of the Graze Box i noticed, from having it for such a small amount of time, is that I was snacking a lot more, and very absentmindedly at that.
I blame these delicious lemon curd flapjacks for my constant snacking.
To conclude, the Graze Box is worth what you think of it after trying it first hand. The recommendation I'd make for you guys, is to try out the free Graze Box yourself and see whether it's suitable for you. The 'Try Before You Buy' concept of Graze is a great idea. In order to ensure you have enough time to cancel your subscription if necessary, set your deliveries to every fortnight, this will ensure you have at least a ten days to cancel, avoiding being unsuspectingly charged. There's no voucher code needed to obtain your first box anymore, you can just sign up, attach your card details and you receive it regardless.

If, unlike me, you decide to carry on with your subscription, a voucher is also sent to you on your first box with £1 off your second box, and in addition to this the 5th and 10th boxes you receive are also free.

Here's my Graze Box unboxing and review video. Enjoy.

Happy Grazing!

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