I recently discovered this store and I love it. Accommodating for Men, Women as well as children, the unique, designer items are quality. Here are a few that really caught my eye, as you will see, they are all dresses (I was feeling girly today):

The Molly Dress:

Darling Molly Sequin Dress in Blue: £66
In all fairness, this is not something I'd normally go for, but the colour in conjunction with the sequin flowers on the torso really makes this dress the beauty that it is. The fit looks stunning, subtly accentuating your curves with the skirt transition, whilst maintaining an innocent look with the baby blue colour and flower detailing. This is a must-have and will see you through whatever season. I would personally wear this with a pair of white lacy flats and a cute clutch. You could wear this for any special occasion; a birthday party, a meal out or even a wedding.

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The Lace Dress:

Reseda Lace Neck And Waist Dress In Black: £299

The most expensive dress in this post, but by far the most sophisticated is the gorgeous black dress seen above with a feature lace neck detailing. This dress has a goth-esque vibe to it that strangely makes it more appealing. I wouldn't expect such a unique dress from Ted Baker, I'm so used to associating this brand with upmarket floral designs so I was shocked when I saw this. Couldn't you just imagine wearing this to a vintage-style ball or something; I don't know, but it's lovely.
Similar to the molly dress but more subtle, the cinched in waist detail is beyond flattering and coupled with the microscopic pleats in the skirt, this dress is girly, sophisticated and a little bit different.

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The Festival Dress:

Garland Button Up Dress In Stnwash: £90

The final dress is by Tommy Denim and it's gorgeous. In a stain wash denim, it's perfect for festival season, or simply a sunny summer's day. (D'ya like my use of alliteration?) At £90 it's not exactly high-street friendly, and yes I understand there are cheaper alternatives, but with this brand, you get quality and a more upscale feel. Again, the cinched in detail is a highlight and is emphasised by a dark leather twist belt, adding a bohemian touch to this masterpiece. My favourite part of the dress is the subtle floral detailing that has been oh-so delicately printed on. Match it with a flower garland and a pair of tan gladiator sandals for a perfect casual look.

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That's all for this evening, I hope this post has given you a bit of inspiration. Here are the links to connect with Excel Clothing:

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  1. Ooh these are all gorgeous dresses! I especially love the first one... I have a wedding in July and this would be perfect!

    Lauren |

  2. That first dress is stunning! ❤


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