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Any excuse to get my dog up on my blog.
As you can see from the title, I'm going to be exploring Bulldog skincare; yes, the men's product range. What made me choose to buy a 'man's' product, you ask, as opposed to big brands such as Neutrogena and Simple. Well, to be honest, it was the logo.
When I began looking more closely at the ingredients found in Bulldog products, I was impressed. For example, Bulldog Facial Scrub features an array of natural ingredients such as:

  • Citrus aurantifolia (Lime) oil
    I chose to buy Bulldog skincare, simply because of the dog
    featured on the logo. My thinking was "This will look so
    nice in my bathroom." However, after trying out Bulldog,
    despite it being designed for men, I really like it. 
  • Juniperus virginiana oil
  • Pelargonium graveolens oil
  • Rosa eglentaria seed oil
Other brands simply lack such luxurious ingredients, take Neutrogena Daily Scrub for instance, this product features a host of ingredients that just don't sound too nice. I'm no expert, but I'd much prefer to purchase a product with ingredients such as 'coconut oil' and 'pumice' as opposed to Neutrogena which contains too many not nice sounding chemicals to mention. Saying that however, there are a few ingredients in Bulldog to be cautious of, for example 'Limonene' is found in their Face Scrub. For most of us who have no idea what Limonene is, it's found in the peel of citrus fruit. Sounds good right? Well, its use is restricted in skincare products due to the fact it breaks down into certain oxides which can be an irritant to skin.

On a lighter note, the product is brilliant, and Limonene is the product furthest down on the list of ingredients meaning the amounts will be trace; so in that aspect, don't worry!

A sensational product: 

The product is a off white colour, with brown, grey speckles entombed in it, it looks quite thick when it comes out, but nevertheless it spreads perfectly. It's not a dense liquid at all, feeling smooth on your face  as the little grains of pumice work their way into your pores, removing all the dirt. As I mentioned in my youtube video (Freebies, Samples & Product Reviews - June 2014) the smell of this product is gorgeous. It's not too overpowering: your nose is just greeted with the subtle smell of coconut, giving you piece of mind that the product you've bought isn't crammed full of nasty chemicals and perfumes. 

The pumice grains is probably the
best feature of the face scrub, it
really does cleanse your pores.
Bulldog face scrub feels strangely luxurious, I could
even compare it to a face mask, but more refreshing.

If, like I was, you're apprehensive due to the fact that the product is directed towards the male market, just do what I've done, research online. The product list found in Bulldog Face Scrub mimics that of brands such as Neutrogena and Nivea, except Bulldog has more natural based ingredients which are healthier on the skin, you needn't feel anxious about using it. Why not take a huge step forward and just try it out? You'll be baffled by the results.

My favourite Bulldog products:

Bulldog Original Face Scrub - £5.79
Bulldog Original Deodrant - £4.99
--> I love this product, it prevents sweat and smells so fresh.
Bulldog Sensitive Face Wash - £4.49
--> I use this after the face scrub to reduce redness and sooth my skin

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